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Are cosmeceuticals for you?

The term “cosmeceuticals” may be entirely new to you, but they’re a class of products that are growing massively in popularity. The word is formed from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and refers to any cosmetic product that claims to have a drug-like effect on your body. These can range from anti-wrinkle creams to hair strengthening shampoos. An important and controversial aspect… Continue Reading

Trends in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry

In the past few years, the pharmaceutical and medical device packaging industry has been increasing. In 2015, the revenue in this industry reached around $1.1 trillion (pharmaceuticals) and $350 billion (medical devices). The reason for this increase in the global demand is because of a jump in the use of pharmaceutical and medical devices, an aging population and the rising middle… Continue Reading

Creative packaging design could improve patient outcomes

Sterile packaging is vital to infection prevention, but hand washing and other hygiene procedures are still essential to avoid hospital-related infections. At a US conference on medical & healthcare packaging and manufacture was told creative packaging design can encourage medical staff to take the steps necessary to maintain a sterile environment. Dr. Carlos Nuñez told September’s MEDevice San Diego that… Continue Reading

The various benefits of nutraceuticals

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Nutraceuticals are a rapidly growing part of the global medical market, and a new report has highlighted how they boast various Health Benefits and promote longevity. Future Market Insights found that demand for nutraceuticals is expanding rapidly in the Asia-Pacific region, although the US and Europe are still currently the largest markets. Nutraceuticals can be split into three distinct groups… Continue Reading

Those without O-blood type Blood have higher risk of heart attack

People with non-O-blood type have a slightly increased Health Issues In The UK according to research. Experts believe that this could be due to the higher levels of blood-clotting protein are more present in those with Different Blood Groups such as A, B and AB blood. Health charities have weighed in on the research and have said that people should give up on… Continue Reading

Amgen’s Repatha clears blocked arteries, according to study.

Amgen has presented clinical data indicating that its PCSK9 inhibitor Repatha could help to reverse heart disease by removing atherosclerotic plaques, showing for the first time that the effect of this class of drugs may go further than reducing cholesterol alone. Findings of a Phase III imaging study, unveiled at the American Heart Association’s annual conference, show that adding Repatha… Continue Reading

Suez buys share is TerraCycle to boost collections and recycling

Waste collection company Suez has snapped up 30% of rival company TerraCycle to boost its recycling programme in Europe. Suez plans to further develop collection and recycling programmes, including packaging waste, in Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands, the UK and Sweden. The focus will be to provide new solutions for recycling waste that was previously not recyclable in order to… Continue Reading

Choosing the best Pharmaceutical Packaging for you

Medical Packaging at Flexible Medical

While price is always an important factor to consider when choosing a pharmaceutical contract packaging manufacturer, it certainly isn’t everything. Here are our top tips to consider when choosing the right one for your business. 1. Location Convenient geographical location close to your facilities will save you delivery time and costs. This could have a significant impact on your ongoing… Continue Reading

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