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New report highlights US woundcare market & forecasts to 2020

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In 2014 GlobalData released a major Market Report, entitled “United States Wound Care Management Market Outlook to 2020”, providing insight and data into the world’s largest woundcare market. It details values based on revenue and volume across the main market categories of traditional and advanced wound management, compression and negative pressure therapy, and other segments. The 754 page report covers… Continue Reading

Hampshire schools to offer men ACWY meningitis vaccine

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The uptake of the men ACWY vaccine through GP surgeries is allegedly “worryingly low.” The vaccine is currently offered through GP surgeries in the South the county and school nurses in the North. The NHS has said that there was “strong evidence that providing immunisation in schools increases uptake.” There are 152 schools in English local authority areas and Hampshire… Continue Reading

Early warning signs for heart attacks are ‘being missed’

Early Warning Signs Of A Heart Attack may have been missed. studies suggest that one in six heart attacks resulted in death in England. Experts have researched into all the heart attack admissions to hospitals and deaths from 2006 to 2010. The group, from the Imperial College London, discovered that 16% of those who died of a heart attack within… Continue Reading

NHS figures for January ‘worst ever’ data suggests

Amid a troublesome winter for the NHS, January figures now give off the impression that it was the worst performing month since the four-hour target was presented. The NHS figures additionally propose record quantities of the public waited longer than 12 hours for a bed in the hospital once seen by staff in A&E. A representative from the Department of… Continue Reading

NICE backs new treatment

Cost regulators for the NHS in England and Wales are backing UCB’s Cimzia and Novartis’ Cosentyx as treatment options for adults with active psoriatic arthritis. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is supporting use of Cimzia (certolizumab pegol) alone, or in combination with methotrexate, if the person has had a TNF-alpha inhibitor but their disease has stopped responding… Continue Reading

UK teens lack access to health education

Results of a UK survey of 1,002 healthy 15-18 year olds indicate that young people feel under informed in key areas of healthcare, which may have implications for long-term health. According to the data, while 29 percent don’t think their education at school or college has helped them manage their health, 68 percent (strongly agree or agree) said they would… Continue Reading

The Worldwide Wound Care Market

By 2019, the global wound care market was expected to reach a total worth of $18.3bn, up from its current value of around $15.6bn. It is divided into categories according to geography and product type. Over the next five years, because increasingly advanced new products are being launched all the time, the highest growth rate is set to be in… Continue Reading

Nutraceuticals can help reduce the NHS budget

The rise in consumption of nutraceuticals will keep people healthier into their older years, and encourage a healthier lifestyle among all age groups. With GPs under pressure to find alternatives for patients, rather than referring them for further care,, a trend that will likely widen, the nutraceutical market could find further support from the NHS and UK government. When… Continue Reading

Functional foods are truly taking off for 2015

Consumers are clearly taking an interest in functional foods. Superfoods, and other naturally functional foods like almonds and coconut water, have suddenly appeared on the mainstream consumer’s plate. The consumers of 2015 are keen to educate themselves about the functional properties of food. Perhaps they are seeking clean, optimised proteins like chia seeds to aid workouts. Or maybe they have,… Continue Reading

Global wound care market to grow to $18.3 billion

The global wound care market is set to grow by 3.2% in the next five years, reaching US$18.3 billion by 2019 compared to $15.6 billion today, according to a new strategic report. The report, compiled by international market research firm Markets and Markets, says that developments and launches of advanced new active wound care products will see that sector of… Continue Reading

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