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NHS waiting times at new low

The performance of Scotland’s A&E units in the first week of 2018 decreased, even though there was a record low waiting time at the end of 2017. Fewer than 80% of patients were dealt with in a four-hour target according to the latest weekly figures. That figure is worse than the one in the previous week which was the worst… Continue Reading

Mental health funding gets a boost

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The Scottish Government has announced that mental health funding will be boosted. The money will be used to develop Mental Health NHS services which can be done over the phone or online. Mental health services in Scotland currently have £1,125,000 and they will getting an additional £500,000. This money will be used to improve the service given to those who… Continue Reading

Thousands of patients at risk from NHS error


NHS current issue One of the NHS Current Issues is that thousands of patient records have been left to pile up in a warehouse. Over 1,600 patients may have been affected from this error by The National Health Service. This issue only came out into the public eye in February from The Guardian Newspapers article on it. Tim Farron described… Continue Reading

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