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Creative packaging design could improve patient outcomes

Sterile packaging is vital to infection prevention, but hand washing and other hygiene procedures are still essential to avoid hospital-related infections. At a US conference on medical & healthcare packaging and manufacture was told creative packaging design can encourage medical staff to take the steps necessary to maintain a sterile environment.

Dr. Carlos Nuñez told September’s MEDevice San Diego that more ergonomic packaging makes it easier to site pharmaceuticals where they are needed, increasing the likelihood of the appropriate product being used without breaking the sterile field.

More Creative Package design could convey information in an urgent situation, when a doctor or nurse lacked the time to read a lot of text. “Keep in mind how difficult it is for the busy healthcare provider to go through the different steps to do their job properly,” he said.

Nuñez thinks existing packaging for procedural trays is already good, but felt there was potential to improve it further by printing numbers, pictures and layout inside to guide the clinician chronologically through a process. He also felt there were steps in existing procedures that could be consolidated through clever packaging, citing the example of pre-loaded syringes.

He urged designers to “get creative”, concluding, “It is about value now, and the clinical benefit, not just price” and pointing out that Pharmaceutical Packaging which can deliver improved outcomes ultimately saves money.

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