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FMP to introduce new 6 colour printing machine in Quarter 1 2018

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News As part of our continual investment programme, we have purchased a new 6 colour in line flexo printer for flexible roll stock. The new printer will be operational by the end of Quarter 1 2018 and will be located, along with our existing in-line flexo machine, in a new dedicated print suite at our Morecambe site. The addition of… Continue Reading

NHS waiting times at new low

The performance of Scotland’s A&E units in the first week of 2018 decreased, even though there was a record low waiting time at the end of 2017. Fewer than 80% of patients were dealt with in a four-hour target according to the latest weekly figures. That figure is worse than the one in the previous week which was the worst… Continue Reading

Why should you choose FMP?

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Here at FMP, we have been based in Lancaster since 1986. We specialise in medical & pharmaceutical packing solutions, formulation services and packaging design. FMP has established a renowned reputation as a leader in this industry. So why should you choose FMP? We have the technology & the people for maximum cost-effectiveness At FMP we understand that customers need cost-effective solutions… Continue Reading

Happy New Year from FMP!

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A very happy New Year from everyone at FMP! We hope you had a great Christmas but now, for most of us, it’s time to get back to it! When it comes to the manufacture and packing of Medical Products, it can be overwhelming when you then have to navigate the complex regulatory procedures that are in place to ensure the… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas!

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We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2018!

Are cosmeceuticals for you?

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The term “cosmeceuticals” may be entirely new to you, but they’re a class of products that are growing massively in popularity. The word is formed from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and refers to any cosmetic product that claims to have a drug-like effect on your body. These can range from anti-wrinkle creams to hair strengthening shampoos. An important and controversial aspect… Continue Reading

Trends in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry

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In the past few years, the pharmaceutical and medical device packaging industry has been increasing. In 2015, the revenue in this industry reached around $1.1 trillion (pharmaceuticals) and $350 billion (medical devices). The reason for this increase in the global demand is because of a jump in the use of pharmaceutical and medical devices, an aging population and the rising middle… Continue Reading

Medical packaging manufacturer

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When it comes to the manufacture and packing of Medical Products, it can be overwhelming when you then have to navigate the complex regulatory procedures that are in place to ensure the highest standard of product is going out. With over 25 years of medical device and healthcare contract manufacture experience, FMP can assist you as you work your way… Continue Reading

UK wound care management procedures up to 2020 

A report has been produced which reveals statistics and predictions on UK wound care sector management.   The report on UK Wound Care Management Procedures Outlook covers the period up to 2020. The report contains different data on various procedures, including wound debridement, biologic skin replacements and many more.    The report has featured in depth interviews with opinion leaders, industry experts and physicians who reinforced the procedure volume data,… Continue Reading

European market to reach £700m by next year?

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A old report from the European Vitamins Market looked into the vitamin and nutraceuticals market in Europe. The report suggests a massive growth in the market. In 2012 the market was worth just under £500 million, by 2018 it is predicted to be worth over £700 million. European consumer awareness has raised the demand or vitamins as they play a… Continue Reading

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