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Nutraceuticals for diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a deadly disease that affects many millions worldwide. It is a well known fact that many of these cases are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, and could be avoided. What many people do not know is that many cases of diabetes can also be managed with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Those diagnosed with pre-diabetes may actually be able to prevent the onset of the full-blown disease with just a few lifestyle alterations. Nutraceuticals are an excellent way to supplement this effect.

The most common diabetes drug in the world, metformin, is actually an exercise mimetic. That is, metformin essentially makes the body think it is exercising, thereby increasing insulin sensitivity and other forms of glucose uptake. There is evidence to show that brewer’s yeast and barley malt also bring about the same effects. Of course, exercise itself is also extremely effective.

Another diabetes drug, acarbose, slows carbohydrate absorption, helping to regulate blood sugar. It has been found that many nutrients and foodstuffs also do the same job, guar gum being just one of these. Studies have also shown that high coffee intake also helps to keep blood sugar steady. A green coffee bean extract is currently available.

Magnesium has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity. High magnesium intakes seem to be most effective in the treatment of pre-diabetes. Biotin, or vitamin B7, has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on the pancreas and liver, which can help to manage diabetes.

There are many nutraceutical approaches available for the treatment and prevention of diabetes – proper education is the key.

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