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Sachet Manufacture & Sachet Filling Services

With seven on site sachet manufacturing machines housed in high grade cleanrooms, FMP are fully equipped to take on extensive sachet filling projects. Our sachet filling machines are capable of filling with liquids, gels or pastes. Folded tissues, wands & devices can also be packed.

There is an increasing demand for medical products in sachets and as such we are able to cope with large batch sizes.

We have a wide variety of sachets available in a range of sizes with different printing options. For simple single style sachets sizes range from 33mm to 170mm width and fill volumes range from 0.2mls to 50mls; dependent upon the viscosity of the liquid.

Quality assurance is our top priority, so we individually code all the sachets we manufacture to ensure they are easily traceable. Detailed inspection procedures are in place to ensure correct fill volumes and the integrity of the finished sachets.

A range of packaging materials are available for both sterile and non-sterile packs.
Filled sachets can incorporate wipes or tissues from a broad selection of non-woven materials that are selected to ensure suitability for the specific product.

FMP satisfies the requirements for the manufacture and packing of medical devices and healthcare preparations.

Sachet Filling from FMP

  • Seven automated sachet manufacture & filling machines on site
  • Sachets can be filled with fluids, gels, creams and pastes
  • Sachet filling can incorporate wipes, foam applications & patented delivery systems
  • Wide range of sachet fill volumes available
  • Sachet manufacture takes place in cleanroom facilities

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Formulation & Manufacture

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