A Year of Milestones: FMP Reflects on 2023 Successes

As we bid farewell to 2023, Flexible Medical Packaging proudly looks back on a year marked by substantial growth, increased productivity, and innovative initiatives. The company's commitment to excellence and adaptability in the ever-evolving medical packaging industry has resulted in a series of remarkable achievements.

Exceptional External Sales Growth: A 100% Surge Since 2018

Flexible Medical Packaging has experienced an unprecedented surge in external sales, marking a phenomenal 100% growth since 2018. This impressive trajectory underscores the company's ability to not only meet but exceed market demands, solidifying its position as a leader in the medical packaging sector.


Robust Financial Performance: Turnover Up by 15%

Financial success has been a cornerstone for Flexible Medical Packaging in 2023, with a notable 15% increase in turnover. This growth is a testament our company's strategic financial management and its ability to navigate the challenges posed by the dynamic business environment.

Open Order Book Reaches £9 Million+

The management of the open order book has been nothing short of exemplary, with active orders exceeding £9 million. This accomplishment showcases the trust and confidence clients place in Flexible Medical Packaging's ability to deliver on its promises, reinforcing our reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.