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Fluid Filling & Small Bottle Filling

FMP also provide auto and semi auto fluid filling & small bottle filling services for medical & cosmetic products. We allow for a wide range of fluid fill volumes, from 10ml to 250ml.

Various closure types are available for fluid filling allowing clients to select the closure types most suited to their products.

Our medical fluid filling & packing operations are carried out in Class 10,000 cleanrooms.

The auto Groninger line facility offers three closure types, with in-line labelling and coding.

Medical & Cosmetic Liquid Filling

  • Full Auto Fill Line
  • Volumes 10mls—250mls
  • Various closure types available
  • In-line capping, coding, labelling
  • Cleanroom facilities

You may also be interested in fluid blending…

A comprehensive fluid blending service is also available from FMP to compliment our fluid filling processes.

Fluid Blending Services

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